Diy Jewelry Display Box

I have yet to find a way to properly store and display my jewelry all together, but here is one jewelry display I have been planning for ages but only now completed. I am really happy with the result. Read more...

Diy Jewelry Display Ideas

An all natural jewelry display made from beautifully weathered driftwood, perfect for your home or to display your wares for your business! Make your jewellery a focal point in your room instead of something you hide away in your drawers. Featuring a 15" long horizontal bar to hold necklaces with a clearance height of 22" for those really long pieces.All fastenings are hidden but still very sturdy. Measures 22" tall x 21.5" long x 9" wideYou WILL NOT receive the exact one pictured but yours will be just as beautiful!

Diy Jewelry Earrings Stones

Hammered copper hoop earrings with red creek jasper dangles. One of my original and most popular designs in the hammered hoop collection. Made with earthy, colorful Red creek jasper and antiqued copper, these light-weight earrings will add a pop of color to your favorite outfit whether it be jeans and a t-shirt or a dress. Red creek jasper is a beautiful stone that can vary from reds and oranges to blues and greens, and each pair of these earrings made will be similar yet unique, just for you. Product overview: * Made with red creek jasper and antiqued copper * Approximately 2" in hanging length * Hypoallergenic, copper plated brass ear wires You may also like:

Diy Jewelry To Sell Resins

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